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Electrify Your Life in the Nissan LEAF

When it comes to the future of automobiles, electric vehicles (EVs) have set a new golden standard across the entire industry. 

Between clean emissions and eliminating the need to go to the gas pump, there is a lot to like about EVs. In fact, you might seriously be considering the prospect of buying or leasing an EV if you are in the market for a new car.

Standing head and shoulders above the rest of the EV pack right now is the Nissan LEAF. The sedan is expertly designed, includes smart features, and comes at a great value. In short, the Nissan LEAF is the car you should be focused on if you want a forward-thinking car designed for the future.

Napleton St. Louis Nissan has a collection of LEAF models available for sale. But before you decide whether or not this is the next EV for you, we have prepared this easy-to-follow guide to educate you during the research phase of the car-buying process.

Keep reading to learn all about the LEAF's most notable features, its main benefits, design, and more.

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 Nissan LEAF Exterior Nissan LEAF Interior 


If you ever searched for a Nissan electric car, the LEAF is at the top of the list. The LEAF is not only one of the most popular Nissan models, but it is one of the best-selling EVs in the world.

As the flagship model for the future of the brand, Nissan has invested a lot of time and research into the LEAF. It is equipped with all of the auto maker's most recent and groundbreaking features, such as the Nissan Intelligent Mobility suite of technology.

The Nissan LEAF gives drivers the ability to see more of the road, enjoy the thrill of driving, and get assistance where you need it. This technology suite is the life blood of the Nissan LEAF and it will completely revolutionize the way you think about driving.

Benefits of Going Electric

There are several advantages when it comes to switching over from a traditional fuel-powered car to an EV. But for the sake of time, we are going to focus on two benefits: how EVs are a smarter long-term investment and how there is no need to ever stop at a gas station ever again.

First, it's important to know that every major auto manufacturer now has to focus on manufacturing EVs in order to stay relevant. This is a huge indicator that EVs are the future of personal automobiles, and there is proof that these models retain their value for a longer period of time.

Secondly, switching to an EV eliminates the need to ever stop at a gas station. One of the main reservations that people have is that EVs cannot travel as far but they are mistaken. The technology has gotten to the point where the Nissan LEAF range can drive up to 226 miles on a full charge.

 Nissan LEAF All-Electric Hatchback - Nissan EV Nissan LEAF Features 

A Practical Yet Aesthetically Pleasing EV

At first glance, the Nissan LEAF looks like any other sedan or hatchback out on the road. But the reality is that this EV was expertly designed with an aerodynamic structure. This allows the LEAF to significantly reduce drag and cut through the air instead of float aimlessly, so don't let the name of the model fool you.

The modern design was not only chosen for aesthetics but practical reasons as well. You will notice that the cabin is unbelievably quiet due to the wind-diffusing composition of the car, along with the fact that there is no gasoline-powered engine. The combination of these two factors make driving in the Nissan LEAF extremely pleasant.

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If you are convinced that the Nissan LEAF is the next vehicle for you, we encourage you to visit Napleton St. Louis Nissan.

However, the only way you can truly know if this EV is right for you is by getting behind the wheel and taking it for a test drive. By doing so, you feel the instant acceleration, smooth handling, and world of convenience right at your fingertips.

Fill out the form above, or give us a call at (314) 269-1682 to schedule a test drive and inquire about the Nissan LEAF. We look forward to seeing you at our dealership located at 10964 Page Ave, St. Louis, MO 63132. We can't wait to help you find the perfect Nissan LEAF!

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